aporia is a pathfinding vehicle for social enterprise

– for the purposes of this activity, am not

necessarily in aporia but sufficiently so –

aporia [at] aporia-works [dot] org


3 Responses to “About”

  1. […] Good to hear from you – will be back in […] next week […] Best intro to […] project at the mo is interactive […] That is to say, you can try beginning at http://ap0riasofar.wordpress.com/ […] opening a new tab for each of the emboldened terms (re; SToP; PReSS; quite; garden; …. etc etc) and then read through the pages that each of these terms have linked to in order of their appearance […] On the other hand, you’re equally welcome to find your own way through the GaLLeRY and then […] pick up our conversations from where ever (and/or when ever) you might get to at that stage […]

  2. […] side door:
    2nd comment
    instructed action […]

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